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Expression of Interest: Employee Benefits

Expression of Interest (EOI) for the provision of Employee Health Benefits & Registered Retirement Savings Services to Port Cares

About this Procurement Process: Port Cares under the auspices of its Finance and Audit Committee of the Board of Directors is issuing an open procurement process for the provision of employee health benefits and retirement savings services to ensure stewardship and business practice transparency. Port Cares welcomes qualified employee health benefit and retirement savings services to apply to serve as the agency’s vendor of choice.

About Port Cares: Headquartered in Port Colborne, Ontario Port Cares was founded in 1986 as a not for profit, registered charity and has since served the residents of South Niagara with comprehensive social and human services including housing and homelessness prevention, child development and parenting supports, employment search, literacy and basic skills training, food bank and a cross-section of family support services. The agency employs approximately 40 full-time and part-time staff.

Date of EOI Issue: November 3, 2021

Deadline for Response: November 24, 2021 by 1500 hours

Submission: Interested vendors are asked to provide by email to Diane Chivers, Manager of Corporate Services diane.chivers@portcares.ca a 3 to 8 page written response in accordance with the following format:

EOI Format

Cover: Cover or title page, should state firm’s business name, contact information and firm’s primary contract

Cover Letter (content similar to an executive summary of the EOI): The cover letter should include

• Introductory paragraph formally referencing assignment name/number and stating the firm's interest in undertaking the assignment.

• 1-2 paragraphs introducing the firm, its primary focus of business, and its key qualifications

• 1-2 paragraphs highlighting relevant experience serving the not-for-profit and/or charitable sector

• 1-2 paragraphs highlighting, in narrative form, one or two especially qualified staff.

• 1-2 paragraphs on current market trends

• 1-2 paragraphs on innovation, technology or unique service supports

• 1 paragraph conveying understanding the current pressures facing the not-for-profit and/or charitable sector with respect to the provision of employee health benefits and retirement savings programs

• 1-2 sentences identifying associated partner(s), service providers or experts.

• Concluding paragraph restating why the firm should be short listed and explicitly stating the firm's interest in being on the short list.

• Signature and title of a senior officer of the firm.

Statement of Qualifications:

The statement of qualifications should highlight the firm's sector-specific expertise, country/regional experience, and collaboration with a local partner(s). The statement of qualifications is an opportunity to profile your company. The following information should be included:

General Background and Overview of Firm

o Narrative description of the firm, size/number of employees, history, affiliates, main areas of business, and awards. The primary purpose is to sell the integrity and credibility of the firm.

o If a joint venture or consortia approach, consider separate sub-sections identifying each partner firm or member organization.

Employee Health Benefits & Retirement Savings Expertise

o Highlight sector-specific expertise by providing a snapshot listing of the firm’s experience.

o Consider including letters of reference in an appendix.

Professionals and Local Partners

o This section should list several key staff whose experience is appropriate for service provision. It is important to list the firm's most qualified individuals. If many experts are being included in the EOI, then it is appropriate to provide mini-bios instead of complete CVs.

o In 1-2 paragraphs identify and describe partners or expert support.

Financial Capability and Commitments

o A brief sentence or two indicating that the firm has the financial resources, management strength and business continuity to support Port Cares as a vendor of choice.


o A brief concluding paragraph should restate the firm's interest in applying and indicate the contact within the firm responsible for receiving the proposal and answering any related questions.

Selection Process: Written submissions will be reviewed and scored. Submissions with the top three scores will proceed to an interview process. The interviews will take place by December 3, 2021 with a recommendation for the preferred vendor presented to the Finance and Audit Committee of the Port Cares Board in December 2021.

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