EarlyON Child & Family Centres

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We have six EarlyON Centres and lead 'EarlyON Virtual'

PortCares operates six EarlyON Centres in Niagara; Port Colborne, Seaway Mall in Welland, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Fort Erie and Pelham

If you need assistance and would like to set up a phone meeting with our Early Childhood Development staff please phone us.

905-834-3629 ext 258
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Join us virtually!

Can't make it to one of our centres? Join us virtually! We have interactive sessions for all ages on zoom, everyday! We offer zoom sessions every weekday, for infant to school age. Plus, follow @earlyonvirtual on Facebook and Instagram for lots of great activity videos and story times. Learn more and register at www.earlyonvirtual.eventbrite.ca

What is an EarlyON Centre / How To Register

It is a Family Centre for you and your children to learn, play and grow. The EarlyON Centre offers free programs for parents/caregivers and children from birth to 6 years old. You can learn and play with your child, meet people and get advice from our knowledgeable staff of Early Childhood Educators.

Registration can be done onsite at any of our locations!

Can I drop-off my children and leave?

No. The EarlyON Centre is a family-focused, inclusive environment for families to have a safe space to play, engage in social and physical activities and learn from qualified staff. It does not offer child-care services and children are not allowed to come in to the Centre without an adult.

What type of services do you offer?

  • Knowledgeable and trusted staff that support families coming to the Centre
  • Space that allows for physical activity
  • Space for creative activities, such as colouring, making crafts and painting
  • Space to be with friends and people of different ages from infants to adults
  • Wide range of social activities, learning programs and resources for families in Niagara

What programs do you offer?

  • Baby Massage
  • S.T.E.M. for various ages - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
  • Music & Movement (virtual)
  • Literacy for Children and Families
  • Numeracy for Children and Families
  • Nutrition for kids with a Registered Dietician
  • Parent Education Workshops: potty training, sleep, taming tempers, healthy eating

Centre Locations

EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer welcoming, inclusive environments. It is here that you and your child from birth to six years of age can learn, play, laugh, be curious, make friends and engage with others.

EarlyON professionals will support you and your child’s journey by providing free drop-in interactive programs, personal connections, a network of resources, workshops and community referrals.