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About the Reach Out Centre

Located at 61 Nickel St., the Reach-Out Centre serves Port Colborne and Wainfleet by providing nutrition support like our food bank and meal programs.

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!Do you have a concern or complaint?
!We recognize that from time to time there may be inquiries, concerns or complaints. To share, please contact the Food Banks Canada's Customer Experience Hotline at 1-877-280-0329 or

I need emergency food support

If you need emergency food support, we’re here to help.

Once you’ve become a member registered with of our food bank, you can access grocery support once per calendar month. Individuals without access to kitchen/refrigeration may receive food support once per week.

During the school year, you can pick up a lunch kit every week on Fridays for each school-age child, containing enough bread, sandwich items and other essentials to provide enough lunches for the week.

You can also come to our 61 Nickel St. or 92 Charlotte St. location from Monday to Friday between  9:00am-4:00pm for emergency assistance and crisis support.

You can kindly donate non-perishable food items Monday - Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm

Tuesday from 1:00pm-7:00pm, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am-3:00pm
Registration can be done at the door. Please bring proof of address, income source, ID for all household members, and grocery bags.

  • Please note, the Reach-Out Centre is not open on statutory and civic holidays.

I want to learn about meal programs

Nutritious, hot meals can be picked up three times a week at the Reach Out Food Centre at 61 Nickel Street. We no longer offer dining space since the pandemic, but provide these meals as takeout.

  • Pick up a take-out meal on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00-5:00pm
Community donations and meal sponsorships are also appreciated! For more information call 905-834-3629

What items are most-needed at the Food Bank for donations?

We are always in-need of donations to fill our food bank shelves. Below are the most-needed items:
Canned fruit
Canned vegetables
Canned meats/fish
Canned pasta
Pasta sauce
Dry soups/side dishes
Peanut-free granola bars
Juice boxes
Pull-tab canned proteins (ham, fish, corned beef, etc.)
Hygiene products – toilet paper, body wash, shampoo, deodorant

Important Notice to Reach Out Centre Clients Re: Changes to Foodbank Access

APRIL 2023

We at Port Cares continue to strive to provide help, hope and opportunity for all in our community during these difficult times. As a valued client, it is important to us that you be aware of the increasing demand for food support in our community as it affects us all. Since April of last year, we have seen nearly a thousand new client registrations and are currently serving 1 in 8 Port Colborne residents.

While we have expanded our foodbank hours and are increasing our food-sourcing efforts, we must also adjust our foodbank practices to ensure the community resources are fairly and equitably shared, so we can continue to meet the need and serve our community.

Effective June 1st 2023, foodbank access will be offered on a once per calendar month basis to members. Weekly access will continue to be available only to those requiring special accommodation due to lack of access to kitchen/refrigeration (for example homeless individuals). School Lunch Kits will continue to be available weekly on Mondays & Wednesdays to parents/guardians of school-aged children. Foodbank will continue to run 11:30am-2:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Community meals continue on Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays from 4-5pm.

We recognize the increased need for service alongside a decrease in donations is happening across the food bank network in Canada, Ontario and Niagara. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to strive to serve more people than ever before. We are all in this together.

Ethical Foodbanking Code Member Agreement


Food Banks Canada, its Members (provincial associations), Affiliate Member food banks and associated agencies believe that everyone in Canada has the right to physical and economic access, at all times, to sufficient, safe and nutritious food which meets their dietary needs and food preferences.

As an Affiliate Member of Food Banks Canada, Port Cares Reach Out Centre Food Bank will:

  1. Provide food and other assistance to those needing help regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, income source, age or mental or physical ability.
  2. Treat all those who access services with the utmost dignity and respect.
  3. Implement best practices in the proper and safe storage and handling of food.
  4. Respect the privacy of those served, and will maintain the confidentiality of personal information.
  5. Not to sell donated food.
  6. Acquire and share food in a spirit of cooperation with other food banks and food programs.
  7. Strive to make the public aware of the existence of hunger, and of the factors that contribute to it.
  8. Recognize that food banks are not a viable long-term response to hunger, and devote part of their activities to reducing the need for food assistance.
  9. Represent accurately, honestly and completely their respective mission and activities to the larger community.
Thank You to our program funders and supporters